Tag: New Neverwinter


  • Dagult Neverember

    The highest authority in Neverwinter is also a prominent figure in the much larger and richer city of Waterdeep to the south. Dagult Neverember has significant resources to devote to restoring Neverwinter and weeding out his opposition.

  • Seldra Tylmarande

    One of [[:dagult-neverember | Lord Neverember's]] most effective agents, Seldra is the one he turns to so that things get done. He allows her a great deal of autonomy and trusts here judgment implicitly.

  • General Sabine

    An intimidating, no-nonsense military woman, Sabine leads the military forces of [[New Neverwinter | New Neverwinter]]. She has little in the way of a sense of humor and no patience for disobedience. She does her duty efficiently and does not hesitate to …