Neverwinter Calling

Lost Crown of Neverwinter, Chapter 2 - Part 1

Campaign Date: 26th Day of the Claw of Storms


A tenday after the events in the market, rumors have spread like wildfire, and the town is on the brink of civil unrest. New Neverwinter soldiers (including General Sabine) recruit the heroes from the Beached Leviathan tavern to come to an audience with the Lord Protector. Before they can leave, they’re jumped by drunk patrons loyal to the Heir.

The heroes get their audience with Lord Neverember, who offers to reward them handsomely for looking into this Lost Heir business. They begin their investigation at the Wall in time to stop a group of bandits from opening the gate there. Afterward, they are met by Seldra, who claims a gang called the Dead Rats was behind the attack. She suggests the group might be able to find the Dead Rats by heading to the House of a Thousand Faces.



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