Neverwinter Calling

Gates of Neverdeath

Campaign Date: 12-16th Day of the Claw of Sunsets


The heroes are hired by a mysterious figure named Seldra to travel with her as she transports a sealed coffer from Waterdeep into to the Neverwinter docks. They arrive by ship, but before Seldra can depart the docks, she and the characters are ambushed by undead. Zombies swarm up onto the ship and the wharf, distracting the heroes with a battle while a Thayan necromancer steals Seldra’s coffer and flees to Neverdeath graveyard. The heroes confront the necromancer and his troop of undead at Neverdeath, where he holds a crown in his hand. After defeating the Thayan, Seldra catches up with the heroes, takes the crown, and disappears into the crowd leaving the heroes with only their payment.



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